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Train with Confidence in Open Water

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Lisa Colvin, PhD., USAT Level 1 Coach: 

"The Aquaspotters work great in the Bayou. Boats and other moving objects can see us clearly and we had decreased our stress level with the Aquaspotter in terms of being seen. Amazing product. I would recommend it for anyone who swim practice sessions in open water."

Regan Andrews, Team in Training Triathlon Coach:

"I have used Aquaspotter in several bodies of water including lakes, sounds and oceans.  As each type of water is different Aquaspotter works beautifully in all scenarios.  I live on a lake which has many motor boats and the boaters say they could see the flag at a distance.  They remarked on what a great idea it was as it showed them something or in my case ‘someone’ was ahead.  When used in the sound and the ocean the flag was long enough to be seen by lifeguards as it cleared the swells and waves.  Even when in full rotation of my stroke I didn’t notice or feel the flag getting caught in the water. 
Aquaspotter is a fabulous addition to my training paraphernalia and I will no longer swim in the open water without it!  It is comfortable to wear and frankly I don’t even know it is there.  I love the added safety it gives me knowing that there is a flag that boaters and other swimmers can see.  It is a must have for any open water swimmer!”

Allison K., Maplewood, NJ: 

"Before I started using the Aquaspotter, I used every excuse in the book not to practice in open water. This season is going to be different. I'm already feeling more confident in the open water, and I know I'll get more valuable training time in. "

John D., Greentown, PA:

"I recently used the Aquaspotter in a mile-and-a-half, open-water, swim race and was comforted to know I could be easily seen by my fellow swimmers, race officials as well as other boaters in the choppy river water where it's easy to get lost in the crowd or taken off course by the current. It fit easily around the waist of my black wetsuit. I was able to attach it, put it on and adjust it while treading water before the race started. During the swim I forgot I was wearing it. There was no 'drag' and it didn't effect my stroke or kicking motion. It may have even helped my performance and swim-time -- by giving me the confidence to swim unobstructed, knowing I was visible and on-course."