GOAT Gear, LLC was born when Scott Greenstone spent a year training for the 2010 Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon. During his long hours of swimming, biking and running, many times he found himself wishing for training products that just didn’t exist…yet. Early inspiration nearly struck Scott in the form of a boat during one of his training swims in the Gulf of Mexico. As a lone swimmer in a large body of water, he realized he needed a way to be more visible to the motorized craft that share those waters. Research ensued and development began on the flagship product: the GOAT Gear for open water swim training. The idea was an instant hit amongst newbies and accomplished athletes alike throughout the triathlon and open water swimming communities. Here at GOAT Gear, LLC, we strive to make quality training products that help every athlete Get Out And Train™. We source materials and production facilities with great care. We thank you for your interest in our company and our products and we encourage each and every one of you to…

…Get Out and Train™

Contact us: info@getgoatgear.com